knitting || tongue tied sweater

Apologies about the lighting--it was gloomy the week I took these!
I've completed yet another test knit for the lovely Amy of Poison Grrls! This time it was the Tongue Tied blouse--a super fitted, short sleeve sweater with a unique mesh yoke.

How do I feel about this finished sweater? Let me just say I wish I could have a whole closet full of these instantly! The finished sweater is such a bombshell style when on--it makes me think of Lana Turner or Ava Gardner and the "sweater girl" look of the 1940s. I love this so much. It's a fingering weight sweater, but it went together very quickly! I think in part because it's designed to be worn with negative ease (I knit the 32" bust to fit my 34"/35" measurement) and it's a fairly simple style that it cropped to the waist.

Ava Gardner.
Lana Turner, 1940s.
I used a stash yarn--Knit Picks Hawthorne Speckle in "Jupiter"--for this test knit. I would not normally choose a speckled yarn for a garment, but I surprisingly adore it knit up! Unfortunately, the speckling means the garter stitch triangles on the shoulder and front neckline (it's there, trust me, you just can't see it!) get lost. Boo. But this sweater goes really well with many of my skirts in my closet. Yay!

I think as soon as I get my other sweater off the needles, I will cast on another Tongue Tied! I've already set aside two skeins from my stash for this project--a lovely blue-green tonal. Can't wait to knit it up!


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