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Why, hello everyone! If you've been following along with my escapades on Instagram, you may have spied we recently got back from our lovely trip to London. I have so much sewing (and sightseeing) things to show... But first, a quick post-trip sewing project I miraculously got photos of!

I've had Jennifer Lauren's adorable Bronte top on my wish list for quite some time, and finally purchased a copy. I need long sleeve tops rather badly now that the weather is getting chilly (it was hovering around 40F/4C degrees the other day!), and making them is quick and satisfying for some evening sewing these days.

Overall, this pattern was an absolute breeze to stitch up! I cut it out one evening and then constructed all of it the following evening. I cut out a size 10, which was a bit big in the waist according to the size chart, but I don't like my tops skin tight, so the final garment was perfect. I did tinker with the sleeve cap, as every other knit top I've made (Renfrew, Nettie and Plantain) has had a bit of a fit problem due to my forward-thrust shoulders (which I swear have become more prominent in the past few years). I changed the center point of the sleeve a bit (also raised it to a size 12 at the pinnacle of the curve), shaved a bit off the back of the cap and added an equal amount to the front. The result is a pretty perfect fit. The sleeve options for this pattern are short and long, but I tend to like bracelet sleeves, so I shortened the piece accordingly. I think I might go a tad shorten next time, as these are still a bit long. I opted to embellish the neckline with a trio of vintage mother-of-pearl buttons on either side--fancy!

Now, lets talk fabric. I hated this material. My serger and sewing machine hated it as well! I should have known when I went to cut out the pieces, and had a terrible time straightening the grain (rarely a problem for me), which gave me a sneaking feeling that the knit grain line was off on this fabric. This is what you get when you buy inexpensive knit yardage on sale (not all the time, but I tend to have more duds when I buy mystery fabric off the clearance table!). It also, frustratingly, is showing signs of pilling under the arms after only a few wears and stretches out easily. Ugh. Thankfully, this is also the last of the pre-move jersey I stocked up on, and I've been eyeing some lovely knits both at Grey's Fabrics and Fabric Fairy to restock my stash.

Lovely make, overall! If you haven't check out this pattern yet, I highly recommend you do!

Stay tuned for some London sewing updates in the near future... I'm quite pleased I was able to pack mostly handmade or thrifted pieces on our trip!


  1. Such a cute top! I've been eying the pattern for awhile. I love your skirt as well! Is it homemade?

  2. I quite like tops like this! Very versatile to wear with slacks or skirts. How is jersey so great to wear yet so frustrating to sew sometimes?
    xo Jaime

  3. I have been eyeing this pattern since it came out! I just new to do it!
    Hope to see all yor finished London capsule garments soon! Happy new year :)


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