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We're hoping to make it to London in the near future, and I've been doing some travel sewing scheming! I certainly have some garments in my closet I could pack, but I wanted to focus on making some mix-and-match pieces since I have very limited luggage space (and I also need to freshen up my closet a bit, and this gives me a deadline!). My plan right now is to have two neutral bottoms, three tops, and one dress. The weather will be a bit variable, from everything I've read, so I'm expecting to need to layer (I'll be packing a few sweaters and jackets as well).

I'm a visual person, so I started plotting my trip wardrobe in my sketchbook. I eventually worked out a good combination using mostly fabrics from my stash (the only material I've bought is rayon for the Bettine dress). I'm using a few tried-and-true patterns, as well as two new-to-me designs I'm excited to try! 

  • Floral jersey Nettie bodysuit. I love bodysuits (no fiddling with untucked shirt hems), and have been itching to try this pattern for quite some time. 
  • Lace and jersey Renfrew hack. Last fall I fiddled around with tweaking the Renfrew pattern to fit me, and I haven't had a chance to revisit the pattern since we moved. I'm eager to try out my idea.
  • Green sheer jersey Plantain t-shirt. I actually made this up last winter, wasn't pleased with the fit, and wadded it. Recently pulled it out and tried it on again, and am not sure what was wrong with it?! Just needs the hems completed.
  • Red rayon Bettine dress. I love this pattern, as it looks like the sort of easy style I reach for a lot. I'm planning on making the view with pockets. Still waiting on the fabric I ordered for this.
  • Grey, wide leg trousers from a 1930s reproduction (and now out of print) pattern; I think this is actually the piece I am most excited to make! I made this pattern years ago in cream linen, and they have served me well throughout the spring and summer months--now I'm finally getting around to winter-appropriate trousers. I'm making a few tweaks to the pattern (I made these way before Miss A., and my figure has a few post-baby variations I need to fit), and also adding a partial lining to help the crepe glide over undergarments/tucked shirts.
  • Black crepe Tania culottes. Because culottes are awesome, and I can't help but think they'll be handy traversing around a big city with a toddler in tow. I've actually already made this pattern in a lighter rayon, and need to get some finished garment shots!

So far I've completed the Renfrew top and have cut out the Nettie. I'm really excited how these pieces are coming together! Keep an eye out for progress reports and finished garment posts; I'll be sharing my thoughts and techniques after I finish each.

Have you ever sewn a wardrobe for an upcoming trip? What were some key pieces you created?


  1. Oh, I am so excited to see you create all these garments :D Your post reminded me of one that I did just recently about a vintage capsule wardrobe that I am attempting to create this Autumn/Winter.

    Happy sewing :)


  2. We just spent a summer in the UK. Despite spending 6 weeks there, I found I brought way too much stuff! Wish I'd had such a well-planned travel wardrobe. Love it! You've inspired me.

  3. Oh my goodness! I've missed reading your blog thanks to The Girl With The Star Spangled Heart's blog I can now read your fantastic blog.

  4. Can't wait to see all of this, it really sounds lovely! By any chance, is it this pattern ( that you are using for your trousers?


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