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sweater: Hell Bunny (bought on super sale last winter), pants: vintage, US Navy issue, shoes: Hush Puppies, bracelet: family heirloom.

Nautical fashions are usually associated with summertime, but I love the look any time of year (I might be a little prejudiced)! Especially when it involves vintage, Navy-issue wool dress pants. These are seriously the warmest pants I own; thick wool that the wind really can't cut through! They're a bit big, but I've never gotten around to adjusting them. I couldn't resist the cliche pairing: sailor pants and this sweater with a sailor collar. I love it! 

I've been experimenting with 1940s hairstyles a lot the past couple weeks. I go through phases, but even a forward roll (fake "bumper bang") and a scarf tied around my head is a lot more fun than a ponytail. I love doing a back roll, but they take a bit of fiddling and I was in a rush the day I did this. Still was fun to sport! Would look really cute in the summer with some small flowers tucked at the roll line.

Apologies for the quality--or lack thereof--of these photos. It's been gloomy and I'm back to using a point-and-shoot camera and self timer; I can't quite get the focus I could with an SLR and remote. My DSLR decided to break this summer, and it's just not in the cards right now to replace it (pretty much every one of our electronics broke this year. I think we had a curse on us! lol.). So please bear with me as I work around less than crisp photos!

I have to report on the sock knitting saga! I knit 3 socks  in the past week (not pairs! That would be a miracle and I probably wouldn't have any sleep. lol.), which is pretty darn quick for me. One was a DK weight sock (I'm knitting these as a gift for someone), so it went more quickly than fingering yarn socks. Of course, now that I need to finish these socks in a timely manner, I want to knit other things! Like these mittens, this hat for Miss A., and this cardigan for me! Not happening until after Christmas though (and by then I'll probably be so sick of knitting I won't pick it up for a few weeks!).

Hope you are having a splendid Monday!


  1. I love this look. You look like you just stepped out of a 1940's film. I love it.

  2. Oh Casey, you are simply perfection! This outfit is pretty much my winter uniform: wide-leg pants & a cute sweater (I am actually wearing that right now ;) Love these style posts!

    Blessings on your day,

  3. Love this outfit! So cute. Congratulations on the sock progress. That petal yoke cardigan has been in my favorites for a while. I'd forgotten about it until now. Such a cute sweater!

  4. You, of course, look amazing in anything nautical. I'm sure SH gives his thumbs up. I LOVE those pants!! They are perfect and fit you beautifully!

  5. Pretty much my favourite outfit ever Casey! x

  6. Super cute, that sweater looks awesome with the pants and that jacket! I have a pair of vintage wool sailor pants too, but always forget about them since they're such a drag to get on and off when you need to pee. Hee hee!

  7. I don't think I have the confidence to pull off a nautical look like this, but I absolutely adore it on you. Those pants look amazingly warm (something I could use here in MN). Your 1940's hairstyles are always so inspiring. I don't swear much, but I have to say that in the photo with the leather jacket and sunglasses, you look a bit bad a$$. (See, I couldn't even fully type out a swear word).

  8. I love your outfit--especially the hairstyle! I would love to see more pictures, and even a tutorial on this one. I'm growing my hair back out, and trying learn some vintage looking updos. :)

  9. I would agree with tiffany. Can you sugget any tutorials or instructions for this hairstyle x

  10. Well look at you, cutie!! So great. I love the outfit and it is wonderful!


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