style monday | a little bit of a 70s groove

wearing: sundress (70s vintage), belt (Target), earring (Forever 21), bracelet (70s vintage), sandals (Anne Taylor), sunglasses ($5 store).
Happy Summer! It's officially here--and the weather that comes with it. Although I am not complaining about the hot days and even humidity: I'd rather have that than the bitterly cold weather of this past winter. 

How did you spend the first day of summer? I spent a very delightful morning with a group of friends at an amazing estate sale. We like to go out a couple weekends a month to check out the local sales and see what treasures we can find. Most of us are in the throes of redecorating or replacing newlywed furniture--but on a budget. This past Saturday's estate sale was a a gorgeous Victorian home and filled with decades of treasures. Everyone came home with some great finds; I'm hoping to show you a couple of mine in the coming weeks! In fact, it is my goal to start posting some room tours soon--things are finally coming together with some of the vintage pieces I've been adding into the decor here.

Maybe I should talk a little about this outfit, since this is an outfit post?! I love this dress (late 1970s vintage)--I'm not sure I've really shown it online in years. I bought it when I was 22, and it has proved to be my go-to sundress every summer. It's polyester, which gets a bit sticky when the weather is really hot, but the advantage is no wrinkles!

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  1. LOVE this dress! So cute! I need to find a pattern for a dress like that. So cute. Always love your posts, Casey. ;) Happy Summer!!!

  2. Lovely outfit! That dress is so simple, yet perfect for Summer in print and style. I am excited for the room tours you spoke of, too :)


  3. Such a lovely dress, it's no wonder it's a summer staple in your closet!

  4. I love your dress Casey! I've been on a 70s kick for a while now...I love pairing maxi dresses with super chunky wedges. I also take most of my hair-spiration from the 70s. Linda Ronstadt had the hair of my dreams. :)
    Looking forward to your estate sale finds!

  5. I have a dress EXACTLY like this, but in turquoise! I can't wait to pull it out of the closet next year....when I am not pregnant!!

  6. Wonderful outfit! Sweet, relaxed, vibrant, comfy - all the things endearingly lovely summer wear should be. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing more about your cool estate sale finds!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Polka dots are one of my favourite! What a pretty dress.


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