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 A compilation of articles and images that I've found inspiring. I hope you will too!

candy colored denim from the early 1950s.

Hello, summertime! Even though the weather can sometimes be oppressive and uncomfortable, I'm excited it's summer! We're now spending so much more time outdoors, which has the big payoff of better nap times and longer nights for Miss A.--and I'm pretty sure the fresh air isn't hurting me either! I'm also dabbling a lot in my little "garden", which are really a motley bunch of containers with flowers and veggies. We added a few herbs in to the mix yesterday (I wanted to see if I could keep my tomatoes alive for a couple months, and I have successfully managed that), and I am looking forward to a little bounty right outside my door to enjoy this season!
  • Organizing patterns with comic boxes and your cell phone!
  • Completely inspired by this colorful, Southern California home tour.
  • I drink a lot of plain water, but even I get bored and want to try some of these infused concotions.
  • The tomatoes from my plants are so delicious; I need to make a few tomato sandwiches this summer (which I had never heard of, buy my DC-raised mom says she grew up with them). 
  • An articulate post on why supporting locally owned businesses is so important. I know it isn't always possible for me, but lately I've become more keenly aware of where I'm shopping for specialty goods (like knitting/sewing supplies). Budgets sometimes dictate otherwise, but I think it really is vital to keeping a vibrant local economy to patronize small businesses in your town.
Hope you are having a lovely, sun-filled weekend too!


  1. Those confectionery hued denim pieces are sublime! I'd sport any last one of them but am especially drawn to the lime green skirt.

    Have a wonderful first Sunday of the summer, dear Casey!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Homegrown tomatoes are the BEST. Fresh picked, with a little bit of salt--perfect snack. We're doing herbs here this year too. So far so good! Still trying to get our tomato plant to produce....


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