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A day late this week because Monday was a national holiday here in the US.
wearing: top (Forever 21), skirt (thrifted, vintage), boater (tourist shop), purse (Target), necklace (vintage, bracelet), shoes (clothing swap).

Has the boater hat had it's day? I haven't seen that many this season; but at the risk of being considered out by the uber stylish (not that it's ever really concerned me!), I shall continue to pull my trusty boater out this year as I have in summers past and wear it with just about every outfit imaginable! I love it, and have since my husband bought it for me on a trip to California several years ago. I think perhaps it's not just because the boater is a classic style, but there are some good memories tied up in it. Do you have pieces of clothing that not only are staples in your closet, but you would be loathe to let go of because they have a special memory connected?

This was originally posted on Instagram as part of the #mamastylemonday I "host" each week. If you have some mama style to show off from the previous week, we'd love for you to join!


  1. Very cute! I love the addition of the hat. It just completes the outfit!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Ha, as I was going through the post I was thinking about how you do hats so well. Keep at it! I love clothes that have memories, mine are mostly jewelry and scarves, and it can really brighten my day to wear them.

  3. So sweet! I love the modern vibe of this outfit, while still incorporating some vintage touches.


  4. I love your mix of vintage with modern pieces. This is a really cute outfit. And, I think your boater is timeless.

  5. I love that second shot of you.

  6. The whole outfit is adorable, but I have to say the hat totally sticks out for me--Love It!! After going to an event this week here in TX, I was so inspired to continue on my love for vintage styles and always changing things up. And this blog makes it even more charged up :)

  7. Wonderful warm weather outfit! There's a certain 1980s/very early 90s vibe at work here that reminds me of my youth and is so fabulously pretty.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Can we take a wee minute to talk about how gorgeous and well coordinated your living room is? Adore!!!

  8. I love black and white together--it's such a sophisticated look. Classy and snazzy.


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