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A compilation of articles and images that I've found inspiring. I hope you will too!
Frances Rafferty wearing what is pretty much the perfect summer ensemble.
Hope all my US readers are having a great holiday weekend thus far! I can't believe the kick-off for summer is already here; though I'm really glad to have left that awful winter behind! Hooray for sunshine and warmer days! I've finally finished unpacking all my summer clothes, and my closet is now stuffed with colorful sundresses and sandals. It's going to be a good summer.
  • My mom emailed me a link to the home tours on this UK site; I've been getting lost browsing the past few evenings!
  • Miss A. has taken to carrying around bags and purses lately, and I'd love to make her a smaller version of this kitty purse !
  • I love Sarah's tip for living with mistakes. Of which I've made my fair share. But, live and learn!
  • Tips for photographing babies (or anything for that matter)! I need to try more unique camera angles; problem is that most days I just use my iPhone because it's handy and my poor DSLR has become quite neglected...
  • Lauren is co-hosting a summer sew-along/knit-along. Are you in? I sure am!


  1. I've spent the past week reading Elise's blog after you recommended her blogging article last time. Thank you, love these posts!


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