diy: circle skirt sew-along - measurements

My apologies this is up later than I had hoped—SH had a series of hockey games this weekend that I ended up tagging along to watch! These measurements are super easy and shouldn’t take you more than a couple minutes…

To begin we need to take a couple measurements. The lovely thing about a circle skirt is it doesn’t require more than a few key numbers. For this you’ll need a length of string to elastic (longer than your waist), tape measure, and something to write the measurements on.

Begin by tying the string/elastic around your natural waistline. Typically this is the smallest area around belly-button level. But if you’re not an hourglass, it can be a bit more tricky to find. Stick with either that belly-button level or the one where you feel most comfortable.

Use the tape measure to measure around your waist. Don’t pull it too tight though! I typically try and keep it comfortably loose; not so much that I can get my thumb between my waist and the tape measure, but also not so tight so I can’t eat a meal!

Now measure from the waistline to the length you’d like this skirt to be. It could be any length: mini, knee length, calf-grazing or even floor length! (Just remember the longer the skirt, the more likely it will have to be pieced.) Note: if you find that the back of your skirt hems (or sides) tends to ride up a bit and needs more length, then use that measurement (back waist to hem) rather than the front waist to hem. We’ll even off the hem towards the end of constructing the skirt.

That’s all the measurements we’ll need!


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