diy: circle skirt sew-along - petticoat options

I fully intended to finally put the ideas of making your own petticoat that had been floating through my head into an actual tutorial for the sew-along. But the general busyness that seems to have taken over my life the past two months pretty much pushed a lot of my sewing to the wayside. So for now, my sincere apologies that this tutorial never reached fruition (though eventually I’d like it to—I’ve filed away all my notes for later!), and I decided to round up a number of links from around the web on making your own net petticoat.

Petticoats are one of the quintessential components of 1950s dressing; and if you want to add a bit of authentic “pouf” to your circle skirt, are a much. (You don’t have to wear a petticoat with a circle skirt though—I wear mine without all the time to no ill effect!) You can generally find them online (Ebay is a great place as well as the many vintage reproduction stores online) and in costume shops. But if you have a specific hue, length or size in mind, then making your own is probably the way to go. Let me just say here as someone who attempted to make a petticoat years and years ago: you can not be afraid of dealing with miles of netting. These garments use a lot.

This tutorial at Sugardale is probably my favorite out of the bunch, and approaches petticoat-making in a similar way I would.

BurdaStyle has a pattern you can download for a net petticoat. I haven’t downloaded and looked at it, but it looks nice from the picture and several members have made it.

Someone sent me this link ages ago, but it has a few loose details from the 50s on making a petticoat and how to achieve a very full, fluffy effect.

If you have access to it, the June/July issue of Vogue Sewing Magazine had a how-to on creating a net crinoline petticoat. I bought the issue and was impressed with the article (though like Gertie, I thought the resulting petticoat was a bit short for most of my 50s dresses and skirts—but easily adjustable!).

Speaking of the amazing Ms. Gertie, she also has a pretty fantastic petticoat tutorial here, using organza or organdy instead of net. (Also less scratchy!)

For a less poufy look, check out this how-to on BurdaStyle for making a petticoat from a sheet.

I think these links cover the various methods of petticoat-making out there! Best of luck for those of you tackling the project (wish I could… but again it’s the specter that is looming of late called Time. lol.)

Don’t forget that the Circle Skirt Party is this coming Monday! I’ve already received a handful of entries (and will be emailing you back to confirm shortly). Don’t forget to send yours if you haven’t already! I’m also extending the deadline to 12pm Saturday afternoon as well, so that gives you a bit more time!


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