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There have been some really great questions in the previous posts about this sew-along, and rather than bury my answers in the comments, I wanted to pull a few and address them in a dedicated post so everyone could see them. If you have any other questions or thoughts, please feel free to ask and I will try my best to get back to you soon. But first! If you'd like to share your progress with everyone else participating, I've set up a Flickr for the sew-along. Feel free to join in the fun and post images of your fabric, progress, etc.

You certainly don't have to use the pattern I've picked out, but please note that this entire sew-along is structured around this pattern. So any variations your chosen pattern may have I won't be covering. However, I always encourage striking out on your own with creative ventures like this (there is no better way to learn, imho), so if you're up for it, do it!  

So excited and then looked into ordering the pattern. I live in England and the only stockier doesn’t have any in stock.Is it worth trying the e-pattern? I’m UK too. If we can’t get the tissue pattern how does the whole e pattern thing work. Sounds a bit scary and as if it involves scaling up????
My mom downloaded the e-pattern and it looked like a great option for those living overseas or who want the pattern immediately. If you are familiar with the Burda Style method of at-home printing (the pattern is pre-formatted to fit onto normal, printer-size paper. You just tape all the pieces together once they are printed to form the larger sheet.), you should be fine with the e-pattern. No scaling involved! Jennie has helpfully posted an entire faq on this topic for those unfamiliar with e-patterns. I'll be using the paper pattern, but that is because I already have a copy.

I just have one question, as I never joined a sew-along – will we have to buy the pattern from the site, will you teach us how to do it or will you post it?
 You will have to purchase either the e-pattern or paper pattern from the Sense and Sensibility website. Jennie has instructions about buying and payment, I believe.  

Is there going to be a discount for buying the pattern on the website as part of the sew-along?
Unfortunately not that this time--sorry!  

Are there any rules against changing the bodice and/or sleeves? 
  Nope! You are more than welcome to change things about the dress to suit you. After all, that's the beauty of dressmaking! Just remember though that this sew-along is only covering the basics of this pattern. But if you're comfortable about making some changes (and I'd certainly be happy to offer my two cents), I encourage you to! I personally am planning on adding pockets to mine, which is a deviation, but I can't resist the idea of pockets! lol.

 I also just wanted to say that you are welcome to join in this sew along at any point along the way. Everything will stay up on the blog and Flickr, even after I've "officially" finished my dress and the instructions. So if you can't participate right now, you are more than welcome to at a later date!  

Up next: fabric and choosing a suitable stabilizer.


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